What is ARGOS?


ARGOS is a web and mobile based software solution for credit processing in commercial banks, microfinance institutions and other lending institutions.

ARGOS supports Financial Institutions in a flexible and cost-effective manner to optimise their credit workflows and loan processes and to improve credit risk management decision-making through automated credit scoring.

ARGOS offers two stand-alone modules:

ARGOS Workflow Management Tool                                           ARGOS Credit Assessment Tool                          



Client Focused

  • Remote access capability, online and offline, via PC and mobile devices

  • Automated and direct client communication via built-in SMS and email capabilities

Easy to Implement and Use

  • Provides easy to use Graphical User Interface

  • Compatible with a wide range of core banking systems and applications supporting various protocols

  • Option to host either at client location or centrally at ARGOS

  • Speedy implementation


  • Developed on an ‘Open Source’ IT platform, allowing a low cost offering, making it available also to the smallest institutions

  • Cost effective solutions with a low upfront investment and flexible ‘pay per use’ pricing model

  • Generate savings through reductions in operating costs, lower loan write-offs and reduce cost of capital

  • Digital credit files reduce paper requirements

 Improved Management Information

  • Customised MIS and dashboard functionality allows real-time identification of bottlenecks and process inefficiencies