ARGOS Workflow Management Tool


ARGOS WMT is an automated workflow management system that allows financial institutions to optimise their credit workflows, reducing operational costs and improving management controls.

ARGOS WMT is a flexible client-friendly solution, using a building block approach, which is adapted to each financial institution.


Argos WMT information document




 Client Focused

  • Reduced credit turnaround times.

  • Auto email/SMS capability for effective client communication. 

Automated Credit Processing

  • Visible work in process: real time status provided for each pending credit request.

  • Reduced errors with standardised and disciplined credit processes.  

User Friendly

  • Provides easy to use Graphical User Interface.

  • Can be accessed remotely, online and offline, via mobile devices.

  • Option to host either at client location or decentrally at ARGOS.


  • Using an ‘Open Source’ IT platform, ARGOS provides an ultra-low-cost offering, making it available also to the smallest financial institutions with modest IT budgets.

  • Flexible ‘pay per use’ pricing model.


  • Flexible design: no need for financial institutions to change their workflows.

  • Compatible with major core banking systems.

Improved Management Information

  • Easy-to-follow audit trail.

  • Customised dashboard, providing essential management information.

  • Identification of critical bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


 Watch a short introduction on ARGOS WMT:

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