ARGOS Credit Assessment Tool

ARGOS CAT provides financial institutions with an accurate and low-cost credit decision tool through state-of-the-art and

transparent credit scoring methodology. 

ARGOS CAT engine is based on statistical data analysis, which fully exploits implicit info in our client's historical credit


ARGOS CAT works as follows:

  • ARGOS CAT builds up a predictive default model unique for each financial institution

  • The expected probability of default is based on implicit linkages in the historical credit data of our clients

  • ARGOS CAT will provide an Accept or Reject recommendation with specific level of confidence on expected loan defaults

  • The ARGOS CAT model will become increasingly accurate with the addition of each new credit application


Argos CAT information document





ARGOS CAT offers credit institutions the following advantages:


  • Flexible and adapted to each financial institution.

  • Based on statistical analysis, using proven data mining technology of the financial institution’s own credit and client data.

  • Can be accessed remotely, online and offline, via PC and mobile devices.

User Friendly

  • Provides easy to use Graphical User Interface.

  • Compatible with a wide range of core banking systems and applications, supporting various protocols.

  • Option to host either at client location or decentrally at Argos Finance.


  • Proven ability to reduce the number of non-performing loans by up to 90% within the first year.

  • Development of a database of consistent and accurate credit and client data.

  • Detailed MIS reporting.


  • Using an ‘Open Source’ IT platform, ARGOS provides an ultra-low-cost offering, making it available also to thesmallest financial institutions with modest IT budgets.

  • Cost effective solutions with a low upfront investment and a flexible ‘pay per use’ pricing model.

Speedy Implementation

  • ARGOS CAT can be implemented in less than 10 weeks of implementation, including testing and training.

  • Little or no disruption of day-to-day processes and operations.


 Watch a short introduction on ARGOS CAT:

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